#27--Grey Mcmurray

Grey and I sit in his living room and talk improvisation, Roseanne Barr, and what it means to be alive. 

This is the title track called “Blindless Sea of Light” off a new album due out in March of the same name by Grey Mcmurray.

The ending track is from a project So Percussion did with Grey Mcmurray and Emily Johnson and Ain Gordon called Where (We) Live.  This is the final track off the album called “Thank You” 


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#26--Arone Dyer

Arone and I sit and talk music making, drone choirs, second jobs, and the sexes.  

@missarone on instagram


buke and gase


drone choir

opening track:  (single) “Derby” by Buke and Gase


ending track:  “Hiccup” by Buke and Gase from the album “General Dome”


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