#62—The Rev. John Flack

We sit in John’s staff office and chew the fat about God and Jesus for a good long while.  He’s a smart guy and a great friend to me and my wife.  He’s got a fascinating take on what God is to him and why we do we what we do and we are, fundamentally, as people.  

Take a listen.  We’ll do it again, and next time with whiskey, my friend.

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#60--Chris Bedward

Chris is a jazz fusion guitarist.  We sit in the So studio and talk about his process in approaching the guitar and improvising.  He’s a great player and a good friend of our mutual friend Nelson Dorado, So Percussion’s live sound engineer.  Any friend of Nelson is a friend of mine.  Chris is a great guy and a great player.  Check him out.


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#59--Chris Cerrone

I started off by saying his last name wrong.  I’m the worst.  Chris is a great composer and his percussion writing for Third Coast and Sandbox, Goldbeater’s Skin, is incredible.  Check it out.  We sit in the So studio and chat about practicality and making decisions as a composer and the importance of workshopping your works.  We also both hate what social media makes us think about each other.  So yes, we talked about Trump (a little bit).  It’s worth your time.  Chris is great.


 Hoyt-Schermerhorn by Chris Cerrone, performed by Sonya Belaya

Double Happiness by Chris Cerrone, performed by Evan Chapman/Sean McFarland

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#58--David Degge

David and I sit in the So Percussion studio and talk life as a percussionist, growing up as a singer in really good high school church choir, and finding the dulcimer at a renaissance fair as a child.  I had no idea of the history of that instrument, and it blew my mind.  I would have never known.  David is a good friend, colleague, and former student, and is the husband of better half of his marriage, Abby Rix Degge.  He’s a brilliant dude and a really great percussionist.  Check out his work with Meredith Lustig, called The Drivers.

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#57--Margarette Ouji

Margarette is a student of theology in Berkeley, CA.  We sit in my hotel room while on tour with So Percussion and talk about advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community and the challenges of how to bring change to institutions, including the church.  I met Margarette and her wife Abby at Grace Lutheran Church in Scarsdale, NY through my wife, Stephanie, the pastor there.  Margarette and Abby are saints and are doing the Lord’s work.  She’s brilliant, so enjoy.  I certainly did.  

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#56--Dan Savell (LAPR)

Dan is the owner of LA Percussion rentals in Los Angeles, CA.  He’s been supplying So Percussion and California in general with high quality instruments and service for a good while now.  He’s a great pan player as well and he and his wife Abby are two of the West Coast’s biggest percussion advocates and ambassadors.

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#48--Sue Quillen (Mom)-the ALS episode

My mom and I sit in the basement of my mom’s house where I grew up and chew the fat on what it was like to live with someone who had Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS).  She’s a beast, and so was my dad, and I love her, and him.  You will too.  

This is a story about a couple who’s life got turned upside down and they fought like hell.  The tale ends, or currently sits, I should say, in a way you’d never expect, but it will make you want to get up and cheer.  

Take a listen.  The only trigger warning is this:  You will get the truth.  If you’re ok with the truth, then come on in with us, and I’ll bet you’ll think differently about something when we’re done.  Love you mom.  


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